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Telehealth Services To Anywhere In USA

At HormoneUp, Dr. Simon Offers Confidential and Convenient TeleMedicine Consultations, Call 208-402-5455. Book Your Health Consultations by Phone Today.

Want to meet a doctor, but finding it difficult to set aside the time to travel?

Is your job demanding, with little to no time for traveling back and forth for a health visit?

In this period of uncertainty and instability, we are implementing changes to ensure continued care for our current patients while also developing relationships with new patients. That is why we are excited to provide our Telehealth option. You may now meet with your provider face to face from the safety and convenience of your own home.

Looking for a highly qualified and compassionate doctor specializing in men and women’s health, but don’t have a doctor near you live?

No Problem, HormoneUp has the answer – Dr. Simon is available for PHONE CONSULTATIONS!

HormoneUP Telehealth service gives patients a consultation through video or telephone rather than in person.

Our secure and convenient Phone Consults are a great way to schedule a time with your doctor without having to travel or take time away from work.

It employs telecommunications to send pictures, audio, and data between two or more places to deliver health services such as clinical guidance, consultation, education, and training. Telehealth may be used in the following ways but not limited to ways:

Remote patient monitoring

Implies remotely monitoring a patient's health and clinical information.


Picture or information transmission from one healthcare practitioner to another.


A link between a patient and one or more healthcare providers via an audio or video device.


Practitioner Benefits

  • Reduced travel, time away from home, and expenses for healthcare providers
  • Increased patient reach due to fewer location and travel barriers
  • Reduced patient absence
  • Realtime assistance in difficult situations and emergencies
  • Improved distribution of consulting rooms within a practice where there is limited availability
  • Opportunity for employees to work remotely
  • For career development, such as informal knowledge transfer through increased cooperation

Patient benefits

  • Access to healthcare has been improved, resulting in greater equity
  • Reduced travel, expenditure, and time away from home. Reduced waiting periods, allowing for speedier diagnosis and treatment
  • Improved care continuity and quality
  • Local therapy from a reputable healthcare provider under the supervision of a specialist
  • Increased chances of contacting their healthcare practitioner in between face-to-face consultations

Partner with HormoneUp As Your Telehealth Provider

HormoneUp TeleHealth offers a wide range of telemedicine services across the United States to compete in the rapidly expanding remote healthcare market. Now we can deliver more, more efficient healthcare services to our patients.

More healthcare practitioners turn to technology as the globe adjusts to the “new normal.” All Americans can now receive a telehealth consultation, whether they live in rural or regional areas, in a city or a small town.

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